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Do you meet the requirements to attend our school?
To attend a course at this school you need a personal computer (smartphone) with an internet connection, an e-mail address and a credit card.

You can also attended by smartphone, but it is recommended that you have a high speed environment, such as a Wi-Fi connection.

Yes, I meet the requirements.

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No, I do not.
I do not understand.

Please consult with the customer center.

Have read and understood the contents of the course and tuition, Terms of Use, privacy policy, and the Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act?

Yes. I read thoroughly and understand each.

to Q3

I am not sure about something.

Read the content one more time.

"Business Japanese Course" is conducted in the indicative method in Japanese, therefore Japanese skills above N2 level are necessary. Only those who have confidence in their listening ability should apply.

Yes, I understand.

Please proceed to application.

Read the content of
"Business Japanese Course"
one more time.

See course content.

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