e-school CooLA

事業者の名称(Company Name) 株式会社マーヴェリック・スタイル
代表者名(President’s name) 岡本 和子
所在地(Company location) 富山県中新川郡上市町旭町1278
(1278 Asahimachi, Kamiichi, Nakaniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture, Japan)
URL e-coola.com
E-mail coola@e-coola.com
事業内容(Business) 「e-SCHOOL CooLA」の運営及び付随事業
Management and ongoing undertaking of “e-SCHOOL CooLA”
(Usage fee and period of service)
Varies by course. For details please see our company provisions. Sales tax is included in all price listings.
(Necessary fees other than usage fee)
Fees for transferring money for the usage fee via a bank, credit card settlement fees, etc.
料金支払方法・時期(Method of payment/ period) コース等により異なります。詳しくは、弊社規定をご覧ください。
Varies by course. For details please see our company provisions
(Process for starting service)
Member registration is required to use our product.
Before beginning the paid service we will send the customer a password and specific steps on taking the lessons once we have confirmed payment by the payment method prescribed in our company provisions.
(Contract cancellation (early termination of paid membership contract))
有料会員契約の中途解約については、下記の費用を徴収させていただきますので、あらかじめご了承ください。 詳しくは、利用規約をご覧ください。
•契約登録費用  5,400円
•損害金  契約残金の20%(ただし、50,000円を限度とする)
Please be aware that we charge an early cancellation fee, described below, for the early cancellation of a paid membership contract.For more information, please refer to the Terms of Use.
【In the case of bulk delivery】
Because the usage fee is based on the number of deliveries, early cancellation is not possible.
【In the case of courses to be delivered on a monthly basis】
• Contract registration cost 5,400 yen
• Delivered lessons fee
Amount calculated by "contract fee × (number of delivered lessons / total number of lectures classified in the contract)" + system usage fee during enrollment period (on a monthly prorated basis)
•Damages 20% of the contract balance (however it is to be no greater than 50,000 yen)