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N5 Course Characters Vocabulary Grammar/Reading Comprehension Characters Vocabulary・Grammar・Reading Comprehension FULL SET
Price(general member) 140 USD
120 EUR
180 USD
150 EUR
280 USD
240 EUR
Price(Those who take the exam in 2017)
*A special offer will be given for the first 50applicants; CooLA’s JLPT course at 30%OFF
98 USD
84 EUR
126 USD
105 EUR
196 USD
168 EUR
Period of Enrollment (Months) 4 months 4 months 8 months
Video Lectures (Number of times) 12 12 FULL SET
Official Problem Training (Number of Mock Tests) 11 12 FULL SET
Past Problem Training (Number of Mock Tests) 12 19 FULL SET
Reading Comprehension Material Received 12 12 12
Frequently Occurring Kanji Power Up Problems 446 Problems(N5) 446 Problems(N5) 446 Problems(N5)
Listening Comprehension Training (Number of Mock Tests) 5 5 5
Exchange Forum available available available
1. Individuals who continue on to a different course after completion of a course will receive a 10% off discount.Furthermore, videos of the BJT course you were enrolled until now will be viewable.
2. Even without enrolling in another course, you can continue to use the service of the enrolled course for a monthly fee of 1000 yen.