e-school CooLA

Maverick Style Corporation, in compliance with the privacy policy, recognizes the responsibility to protect the personal information entrusted to us by members of the e-SCHOOL CooLA and has established this policy as a code of conduct for our staff to ensure the protection of and the appropriate use of information which we will strive to comply.

1. Officers and other staff comply with laws and internal regulations regarding personal information.
2. In the event of the obtainment of personal information we will make clear the purpose of use beforehand, as well as properly utilize the acquired information by lawful and fair means in the range of purposes and not outside this range.
3. An officer has been appointed as responsible for the protection of personal information, given the responsibility and authority for implementation and operation, as well as been educated on the strict management of personal information.
4. Information will be handled so that problems such as unauthorized access, loss, falsification or leakage do not occur.