e-school CooLA

Application process

What is the application process?
First, please fill out a registration form after thoroughly reading the contents of our courses and the Terms of Use. For details, click here.
I am not sure which course is best for me…
Our school features the following kinds of courses.following kinds of courses.
Are there other payment methods besides credit card?
As of now we can accept bank transfers only within Japan.
Can I take a trial lesson?
Yes. Please register as a free trial member.
After applying when can I start?
It usually takes about three to four days after registering for the process to be completed.

About lessons

I am a first time learner of Japanese. Will I be alright taking your courses?
Of course you will be fine. At this school students learn systematically one by one from basic characters to beginner grammar, so even first-timers can rest assured that they will be alright learning.
I have an irregular and busy schedule so I am worried about whether I will be able to continue the lessons.
Our school’s system, “e-Learning study system”, is accessible 24 hours a day. If you use a smartphone, you can study on your way to work or at break time and, because there is no need to go to a classroom, this is a great learning method for busy people.
Will I learn business conversation and travel conversation with this school?
The conversation/grammar course of this school can be applied to travel as well as general conversation and is aimed at teaching an everyday conversation level with a wide range. In addition, we have also prepared a specialized course for learning business Japanese.Click here to see the explanation.
Can multiple people be on one contract?
No. Only one person may use our system per contract. However, we have a discount for Japanese-based companies which apply for a group registration, so please contact our school.
Can I take lectures on my smartphone?
Of course you can. However, there are times when it is difficult according to the network environment, so it is best to have a Wi-Fi connection or environment in which high speed downloads are possible.
Who should I contact when an error has occurred during a lesson?
Please contact customer service A.S.A.P.

About fees and contract

How much is tuition?
Please see course content and tuition.
How much are fees other than tuition?
There are cases where fees apply at the time of the settlement of the usage fee. For details, please see the Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act.
Is this school on a monthly tuition system?
"Conversation/ Grammar Course" is on the monthly tuition system. However, "JLPT Strategy Course" and "Business Japanese Course" are not on the monthly tuition system.
Can I cancel a contract in the middle of a course?
[Conversation/ Grammar Course]
It is possible, because it's on the monthly tuition system
["JLPT Strategy Course" and "Business Japanese Course"]
Because the usage fee is based on the number of deliveries, early cancellation is not possible.
For details, please see the Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transaction Act.