e-school CooLA

■ Global authentic online language school finally starts free trial lessons(JLPT Strategy Course) of english version. Now offering free trials!

CM Japanese Education e-school "CooLa"

【English】JLPT Strategy Course(CM)

【English】CM VER. 華月-KAGETSU- Tale of a Taira Clan Samurai in ZIPANGU

【Chinese】BJT(Business Japanese Proficiency Test)Course CM

【English】[Conversation/Grammar Course]CM 東京スカイツリー編 TOKYO SKYTREE VER.

※ CooLA's monitor student, MS.Yin in Japan, appears on a commercial.

【English】[Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Strategy Course]CM 墨田・向島編 Sumida-Mukojima Ver.

【English】[Business Japanese Course]CM 寿司屋編 Sushi restaurant Ver.