e-school CooLA

e-scool CooLA

About the corporate management group of global e-School CooLA
“Simpler language learning! Go out on the international scene!”
“Language” is the most familiar tool to us. And, since long ago, “education” has constantly encouraged the growth of humankind and society. In the age of a rapidly growing internet society, we here at Maverick style aim to contribute to the formation of a global society by providing designs based on new ideas on forms of learning in all fields which match modern society.

Company name 株式会社マーヴェリック・スタイル
Established February 2013
Director Sarasa Sugiyama
Tsungyu Ke
Business - Management planning and business management of related group companies
- Operation of various online school
- Various planning, development and sales of educational materials
- Planning, development and sales of software
Corporation investor ■ 株式会社ビジネス・ブレークスルー Business Breakthrough Inc.
(President Kenichi Omae / A company listed with first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange )
■ 台灣戰略突破股份有限公司(台北市) Strategic Break Through Taiwan Co., Ltd. (Taipei City)
Cool Asia Japan Corp.
corporate group 株式会社クールアジア・ジャパン Cool Asia Japan Corp.
Corporate office and contact Asahimachi 1278, Kamiichi, Nakaniikawa District, Toyama Prefecture