JLPT challenger test

JLPT challenger test

If you will get good marks with the "JLPT challenger test", you will receive up to 50% off discount.

We are looking for JLPT examinees studying very hard.
Please try the following "JLPT challenger test" to test your proficiency.
Those who get good marks with the test can take CooLA’s JLPT Strategy Course for the JLPT challenger test member price (up to 50% off).

* Grade A member : get score 40 points - 50% off discount
* Grade B member : get score 34-39 points - 40% off discount
* Grade C member : get [score] 28-33 points - 30% off discount

- Please send us the screenshot of your score when you apply CooLA’s JLPT Strategy Course.
- You can apply for the same level of JLPT Strategy Course as the level you took JLPT challenger test. If you will apply for "Course N1" of JLPT Strategy Course as a Grade B member, you have to get score 34-39 points at "test N1" of the JLPT challenger test.

ex. Grade A member can buy <N5><N4>Strategy Course at a 50% discount:
280USD→140USD, 240EUR→120EUR, 28,000円→14,000円.

HOW TO TAKE "JLPT challenger test"

1. Please Access https://tlp.edulio.com/coola/ and login.
User ID: guest, Password:jlpt12345
2 Choose the adequate level(N1-N5) and take the test.

Special discount campaign - Satisfy the following conditions

1.Those who take the exam in 2017(July, December)
2.Those who will apply for FULL SET(Characters Vocabulary・Grammar・Reading Comprehension FULL SET) of CooLA’s JLPT Strategy Course.
3. The applicants are required to answer the questionnaire about the course and the exam.

About CooLA’s JLPT Strategy Course

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